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Whether you need to build foundational skills or get ahead in a hard class, we offer the guidance and support students need throughout grades K-12 and college.  We equip our students with the tools they need to be successful in school and beyond!  

Test Prep

Admissions to competitive colleges often requires an outstanding SAT, ACT or GRE scores. We work with Khan Academy and have a curriculum that is designed to maximize your scores in a very short amount of time. Our tutors are experienced test takers and know how to best prepare you for the SAT, ACT and GRE!   

College Prep

Choosing the right college and finding the resources to afford it are two difficult tasks that every high school student deals with. Maryland Tutoring Services  helps students navigate the college admissions process, explore different college tracks, majors, and financial resources.  

Tutoring Services


We provide two types of in-person tutoring:
1) In-home tutoring
2) In-library tutoring
We now have started to offer the same in-person services as we did before the pandemic so you can get in-person services whether you are in college or in elementary school, as long as you are located in the state of Maryland. 


Unlike popular belief, online tutoring is as effective as in-person tutoring. At Maryland Tutoring Services, we keep track of our student's progress throughout their journey with us and there is no whatsoever difference between the progress of students who do in-person tutoring and students who do online tutoring.

Customer Reviews

"Thank you. He is getting smarter as you know why he hasn’t been meeting with his tutor that often. But these are his last 4 classes after 5 years. Needless to say, I am willing to pretty much pay whatever to make this happen. You guys have been fantastic and I do appreciate all you have done. We are almost there. And I know you guys have done a big part. Not to get mushy, Just telling you. Big tip when he graduates. Lol. I know you and he can do it. But with no help at school with COVID, you guys have been a God send and I do appreciate it.

Thanks again " - Mr. Michael 

"... My son is really improving his grade in literature. His tutor is friendly and knowledgeable. Your support and communication with the Tutor are still important (just encourage him to continue with the target that the students' needs are met).

Thank you and have a Blessed Weekend" - Mr. Jembere 

Some of OUR partner organizations

Prince George County Health & Human Services

Baltimore City Department of Social Services

Maryland Community  Connections