95% of our college students went from failing grades to As and Bs, even on subjects like Math and Engineering!

95% of our middle school students went from failing grades and some Cs to As and Bs, receiving lots of awards!

100% of our High School students saw an improvement by at least one letter grade after working with us!

Our student's confidence level increases exponentially throughout their journey with us!

Most recent emails/reviews proving customer satisfaction:

"Thank you. He is getting smarter as you know why he hasn’t been meeting with his tutor that often. But these are his last 4 classes after 5 years. Needless to say, I am willing to pretty much pay whatever to make this happen. You guys have been fantastic and I do appreciate all you have done. We are almost there. And I know you guys have done a big part. Not to get mushy, Just telling you. Big tip when he graduates. Lol. I know you and he can do it. But with no help at school with COVID, you guys have been a God send and I do appreciate it.

Thanks again " - Mr. Michael

"... My son is really improving his grade in literature. His tutor is friendly and knowledgeable. Your support and communication with the Tutor are still important (just encourage him to continue with the target that the students' needs are met).

Thank you and have a Blessed Weekend" - Mr. Jembere

"Last fall I contacted Maryland Tutoring Services to see if they could help my 8th grade daughter in math. She hated math and any attempt for us to help her left her in tears. I was ready for the battle with my daughter to attend these sessions each week but after the first lesson I never heard a complaint. They started her with the basics and 4 months later she is getting A’s on Math test. The best part is she now loves math, she enjoys doing her homework and does it without asking. Her tutor is knowledgeable and explains things clearly, so she understands the concepts. He gives her homework to reinforce what she learns during the session and go over it at the beginning of the next lesson. I couldn’t be happier with Maryland Tutoring Services." - Ms. Goldin

"Thank you so much! Your last two tutors were excellent. He got 5 As to finish and graduate with 1 major in mechanical engineering and two minors in nuclear engineering and sustainability. Thank you - Well worth the cost." - Mr Ellison.